THERMINIC is the major European Workshop related to thermal issues in electronic components and systems.

THERMINIC Workshop was a great success!

This year’s 27th edition of the International Workshop on Thermal Investigation of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC 2021) marked another milestone in the area of thermal issues in electronic components. The online event was attended by more than 100 conference delegates from over 25 countries with a wide range of backgrounds in technology development and industrial management. Together the participants contributed an exciting keynote speech, 14 live oral and 31 pre-recorded presentations, 4 vendor talks, a professional development course and immeasurable know-how and experience during the discussions and networking sessions.

Highlight was the insightful keynote speech by Dr. Markus Klingler from Robert Bosch GmbH on “The Challenge of Thermal and Mechanical Design of Power Electronics for BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles)”.

Our congratulations go to the winners of the Best Paper Award (Nathanael Jöhrmann and his colleagues from TU Chemnitz, Infineon Technologies AG and Fraunhofer ENAS, for their work on “In-Situ Degradation Monitoring of Sputtered Thin Al Films on Si Cantilevers Inside SEM During Accelerated Stress Testing using Nano-Indenter Actuation and Vibration Loading”)– congrats to everybody!

The organizers would like to thank our keynote speaker, as well as all live oral and pre-recorded presenters, session chairs, exhibitors and sponsors for their contribution in this exciting online event. We hope to see you all again at THERMINIC 2022 in Dublin.

Bernhard Wunderle

Program Chair

Therminic Newsletter

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Thermal Phenomena in Simulation & Experiment

  • Thermal management of electronic component & systems
  • Classical and modern thermometry and thermography
  • Thermal interface materials & their characterisation
  • Thermal modelling and investigation of packages
  • Nano-scale heat transfer
  • Multi-physics simulation and field coupling
  • Electro-thermal modelling and simulation
  • CFD modelling and benchmarking
  • Advanced thermal materials and technologies
  • Numerical methods for multi-scale heat transfer

Electronics Cooling Concepts & Applications

  • Cooling concepts: air, liquid, 2-phase, etc.
  • Power electronics
  • High temperature electronics
  • Solid state lighting / LEDs
  • Thermo-electric & sub-ambient cooling
  • Novel and advanced cooling technologies
  • Heat pipe & vapour chambers
  • 3D heterogeneous integration & cooling
  • Ultra low form factor air cooling
  • Novel manufacturing methods
  • Cooling for IoT, CPS, mobile, edge computing
  • Thermal buffering for computational sprinting
  • Battery thermal management

Thermo-Mechanical Reliability 

  • Thermo-mechanical reliability
  • Prognostics and health monitoring
  • Lifetime modelling and prediction
  • Damage and fracture mechanics
  • Failure analysis & inline inspection by thermal imaging

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